Exciting News For Google Search Console Users

HL News • January 23, 2018

The new version of the Google Search Console should be out to everybody shortly. It looks like the new Adwords control panel but the most exciting thing about it is that it has 16 months , yes your heard right, 16 months of query data for you to look at now. The old one only had 3 months of data at a time. In order to see more that you had to export the data every 3 months. You still cannot see the 16 months of data in the old panel (I have tried) but you sure can in the beta Google Search Console. This will be great for SEO managers everywhere. If you have not seen the new beta version give it a try at https://search.google.com/search-console, make sure you are logged into your Google account first:

Not everyone’s properties are migrated yet but they should be within the next week or so. If you need help setting up the Google Search Console for your site (Google Search Console is FREE) shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call 316-941-7088!