Up to 90% of consumers used the internet to find local business in 2019.  But a lot of local businesses have lost out on these consumers because they do not have a website.

According to a study by a portfolio company Visual Objects 29% of all American small businesses plan to create a website for the first time in 2020.   Having an online presence is crucial for success and neglecting to invest in a website and internet marketing can cause businesses to miss out on potential new customers.  Do you think that your competitors are going to do something?  You bet they are!  They are probably doing right now while your setting here reading this article.

We can help you with your online presence.  We can create a new website from scratch or update your old site.  Throw some SEO or PPC or both in and you have a one two punch that will be hard for any of your competitors to counter.  Think that this is going to be expensive?  No way, we are the most affordable, professional web design and marketing team in the Midwest.  Call or email us today for a quote!  Don’t miss out on getting more customers, your competitors won’t.

Small Business Internet Improvements