Google AdsCoronavirus epidemic having an effect on Google Ads?  Yes it is!!  Online sales are undergoing an extreme change.  People have changed from buying a wide assortment of items to primarily buying household items and medical supplies.  Amazon, a large purchaser of Google Ads has virtually stopped buying ads as its business model has changed in the short term.  Is it time to stop buying Google Ads?  No way!  Now is the time to start!  People will be having more time to spend at home away from work.  Kids are at home all day as well.  Items that will sell especially well are entertainment items, including movies, books and games.  Any household items dealing with cooking will do well also.  Another advantage if you start now is your campaign will be well optimized for the pent up demand that will take place once the epidemic is over.  We are open and doing business during this outbreak.  Let us help your business thrive during this challenging time.