Company had existing Google Ads campaigns but they were not preforming very well. My task was to look through the existing campaigns and see what the issues were with the under performing campaigns and make changes to increase the performance.

After carefully going though each of the campaigns in a step by step manner with our proven method of success.  I discovered numerous issues including Adgroups not being optimized, negative keywords not being used as well as sub par ads. Conversions were not being tracked.

After the fixes were implemented, Click Through Rate (CTR) improved 185%. Avg. Cost Per Click (CPC) decreased 32%. Number of Clicks increased by 60%. All of these improvements were with the SAME budget as advertiser started out with.  Conversions are now being tracked.  Now they know that 40% of all of their business comes from Google Ads.  Again, their Google Ads budget was NOT increased to achieve these results.

Call us if you want some of the same type of improvements in your Google Ads campaigns.  If you not sure if Google Ads are for you shoot us an email or phone call.

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