Will Customers Stop Filling Out Forms On Your Site? If They’re Using Chrome They Might!

HL News • October 16, 2017

Today we’re bringing you an update to our October 6th SSL blog post where we wrote about a change to Google’s Chrome browser – we now know that this change is slated to be released this week – October 15th, 2017.

Why is this big news? Because once this rolls out, if your site doesn’t have a SSL certificate your customers browsers may tell them that your site is “Not Secure”.

Right now this change is only affecting Chrome – the browser that holds about 60% of the market share – marking your site as “Not Secure” when form data is entered. (See the graphic below for how this will look once the change is deployed. )

This change can have a dramatic effect on customers filling out forms on your website. Google discovered that after the last update, affected sites without a SSL certificate saw a 23% drop in the number of customers who finished filling out the form on an unsecured website.

If your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed, or if you’re not sure, send us a email or give us a call.

SEO Tip: Having an SSL certificate can help your search engine rankings as well!