WordPress 3.7 has been released!

HL News • October 24, 2014

Late tonight WordPress 3.7 has been released. While working the night away, we received notification on our WordPress Dashboard that 3.7 had been released. What did we do? We updated our main website right away! What are the updates to 3.7?

As predicted maintenance and security updates will now be automatic. Major feature releases (like updating to 3.8) by default still need to be installed via the update button, however. The passwords meter and search results have also been updated. Since your admin password is the first line of defense 3.7 has a better password meter that will recognize common password mistakes. Search results in WordPress will now be ordered by relevance rather than by date.

Next out is WordPress 3.8 slated for December. Stay tuned to our blog about the new features in WordPress 3.8 in a few days.