WordPress Version 3.7 will be released in October

HL News • October 12, 2013

It’s official WordPress 3.7 will be released in October! This new version quickly followed 3.6.1 which was released in September. If you have a WordPress site it is important to update to version 3.6.1 as soon as possible because it contains not only maintenance fixes but also security updates. Security is more important than ever with the increasing number of hackers both in America and abroad.

In version 3.7 of WordPress, most of the changes will not be visible to the people that come and view your website. The three big changes are 1) the automatic update of themes, plugins and WordPress itself. 2) Additional language support. 3) Improved WordPress search. The automatic updates can be turned off, and sometimes should be depending on how nice your plugins play with newer versions of WordPress. The built in search function in WordPress has been updated so no longer are the results ordered by published date but by relevance to the search.