Google Ad Case Studies


What We Did: SEO Setup, Google Ads


Paid Traffic Increased


Ad Efficiency Increased


Cost Per Click Reduced


Phone Calls Increased


Paid Traffic Increased


Ad Efficiency Increased


Cost Per Conversion Reduced


Inquires Increased
GoGreen Pest Control

What We Did: SEO Setup, Google Ads, Google My Business Listings, Display Ads, Remarketing

Caffaratti Dental Group

What We Did: SEO Setup, Google Ads, Google My Business Listings, Display Ads


Paid Traffic Increased


Ad Efficiency Increased


Cost Per Click Reduced


Inquires Increased

What our clients say

Working with Jenn and Greg at Heartland Logic was one of the best decision I have made for my business website. They are very easy to work with – they take all that techie stuff and made it easy for me. I can easily update my website (because they sat with me and trained me) and if I have a problem they are just a phone call or email away. Plus, they are always thinking of ways to improve it for me. I love their attitude of helping me to succeed. I can confidently recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Judy H.
Jenn is absolutely awesome! I can’t say enough good about her. She is a total pro!
Grant S.
Jenn was very professional and she made my site look great! She was willing to work with me on my budget and never once made me feel bad if I did not understand anything. I would definitely use her services again!

I would highly recommend booking her if you are looking to get your website up quickly with a high-quality design.

Jesse S.
Jenn is a very skilled at what she does and completed a very tedious and difficult task of moving an html site to wordpress. If your job is important and needs to be done right with no margin of error, I recommend working with Jenn.
Nikolay K.

Thanks so much for updating our website… it looks great! I love the way that I can interact with the site on my mobile phone, as well as the Google map that comes with the customer contact submission. It has come a long way since we first started working together over a dozen years ago. Thanks again!

Dale M.
Jenn was everything we wanted here–basically saved a project for us! Will definitely be working with her again in the future.
Jacob W.

Thanks to Jenn & Greg for the awesome web page designed for me. Jenn moved really fast to get it done. Great communication with me throughout the process. Thanks Again. I will recommend you!

Ron S.