Chrome Browser Will List Your Site As Not Secure Without SSL In July

HL News • February 28, 2018

Google has announced that it’s Chrome browser will show all sites without a SSL Certificate as “Not secure” starting with the release of Chrome version 68 in July of 2018. The current version of Chrome only displays “Not secure” when filling out a form on a site, starting in July it will show up even when a form is not being filled out.

Why is this important? According to the site, the Chrome browser is the number one browser used and accounts for about 60% of the market. What will your customers or potential customers think when they go to your website and it displays as “Not secure” in the browser? They may think that your site has been hijacked or at the very minimum not want to fill out any forms on the site, reducing the level of trust that you have with them.

More information about the Chrome 68 announcement:

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